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Submissions Now Open for Issue #2

Expanded Field wants you!

Do you eavesdrop to get your dialogue just right for your stories?
Do you wish to publish your writing or another creative project?

Become a featured writer in Expanded Field’s second issue.
To submit your creative work to us click here.

Submission guidelines:

Expanded Field publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics and experimental pieces.

  • For text-based work, please use Times New Roman 12 point font and double-spacing, unless spatial layout is integral to your text’s communicative or aesthetic intent.

Please submit these works as .doc or .docx files.

  • For image/text works, please use a high-resolution scan of 300 PPI.

Please submit these works as .jpg files.

Deadline: April 15th 2018

Journal Launch Party

The launch of the first issue of Expanded Field, a biannual, online and open-access English-language journal for creative writing and image/text experimentation, will be held on November 24th at Spui 25, in Amsterdam. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

Under the direction of the student-led editorial board, located at the Department of Language, Literature, and Communication at Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamExpanded Field offers a platform for the exhibition of original and translated works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, image/texts, and other experimental works not so easily or readily classified within genre or medium boundaries.

To mark the launch of our first issue, The Death Issue, the journal will be presented. Guest speaker Dr. Jannah Loontjens will discuss her creative process and will give a reading from the English translation of her acclaimed novel, But Then Again. A reception will follow.

About the speaker

Dr. Jannah Loontjens (1974) is a philosopher and writer. Her novels include her debut Good Luck (Veel geluk, Prometheus, 2007), her Halewijn Literature Prize nominated What Time Really (Hoe laat eigenlijk, Prometheus, 2011), But Then Again (Misschien wel niet, Ambo|Anthos, 2014), and Roaring 

Nineties (Ambo|Anthos, 2016). Loontjens has also published a collection of essays, My Life is Better than Literature (Mijn leven is mooier dan literatuur,Ambo|Anthos, 2013), and a book of poetry, Dat ben jij toch (Ambo, 2013). She has also written for De Groene Amsterdammer and Awater. In 2012, Loontjens completed her PhD at the University of Amsterdam, and currently lectures at ArtEz and The International School of Philosophy.

The programme will be entirely in English.


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Submissions open for Issue #1 & Launch Party

We’re excited to announce the launch of Expanded Field, a new journal for creative writing and image/text experimentation, forthcoming October 2017!

Online and open-access, Expanded Field publishes original and translated fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, and other experimental works—from new to established and national to international writers and artists both within and outside of university circles.

Submissions for Issue #1 are now open. To submit your work, please click here.

Expanded Field is grateful for its support from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We look forward to seeing you at our launch party—more details coming soon!