May 22, 2018


I’ve lived in six homes, seven rooms and two countries I was not born in since leaving my parents’ place. When I return it’s not just a physical move, it’s also a reacquaintance with the familial realm and streets I did some growing up in. Time is sort of static in a small town. I swear it’s the same three people always waiting for the bus, […]
May 22, 2018

The Madhouse

Every Saturday morning my great aunt Giovanna repainted her apartment. I should mention that this process was not a simple repainting of the walls. No, this was an artistic re-imagining of everything: chairs and couches, radiators and beds, shoes and chandeliers. It always began with the sound of Padre Livio’s raspy voice from the Vatican’s Santa Maria radio station, followed by a loud knocking on my […]