Roderick Van der Waarden

November 19, 2017

Foreword to Issue #1

With this issue we are proud to launch Expanded Field, a biannual, online and open-access English-language journal for creative writing and image/text experimentation. Why Expanded Field? Following from art critic Rosalind Krauss’ 1979 article “Sculpture in the Expanded Field,” we want to draw attention to the tenuous manner in which various creative practices are set in relation or opposition to one another—and how we can further […]
November 19, 2017

Man Falls in the Fast Lane

As of this Spring, the ice caps melt inside his glass in a fury of noes and yesses, the pleasure of petrichor usually killed by a necessary peppermint breeze. No one minds the aspirins sinking, accelerating with the days. He broke up his casualness, it’s more than a fling or a flight of fancy, loathing and embarrassment mixed until turning see-through. 5th floor, the angel suite […]