Joost de Jonge

December 18, 2018

The Poet

Through the propriety Of the gaps Between you and the rooftops A rhythm of emptiness You challenge knowledge Graphemes bouncing back and forth Highlighting trajectories of cognition A step into the wilderness Of a broken promise Of a man lost Erasing established notions of a city Rooftops covered in snow White upon white Like water upon water Breath after breath
November 19, 2017

Self-Portrait in a Digital Age

  art critic pick picks you picks a thought out of the blue in flux he discovered Yoko in place Barbara Kruger grace at the Guggenheim (’s)1981 exhibition of 19 emergent artists turn the page Frank as you are at liberty (’s)hands hold the void your thoughts a gaze all for you as time seeps into the tranquility of an immobile now the eye of the […]