Foreword to Issue #4

Between Tomorrow and Then
March 29, 2019
Editorial Note
May 6, 2019

Foreword to Issue #4

With “The Momentum Issue,” Expanded Field is excited to present its fourth collage of words and images with a recurring leitmotif.

The collection of creative works in this issue is the sum of a variety of themes and tensions we found in and among our submissions. Such an underlying tension is one between technology and nature, or the push and pull between the weightless and the weighty. Factors such as these seemed to close in on the velocity of modern life times the mass of memories; and so, the overarching theme of momentum established itself. We are eager to present these newly selected creative works; their subterranean, thematic commonality excites us even more when we consider that their creators are a diverse group of international artists.

Therefore, we would like to thank our contributors for this issue for submitting their works. Also, we’d like to give special thanks to Chuxin Wei, whose playful comic serves as the artwork for the cover of this issue.

Spring has arrived, and the year is gaining momentum. In closing, we hope our readers take delight in absorbing the creative pieces of this issue, and we aspire to retain that excitement until the year’s momentum slows and our next issue is presented in autumn.

Rick van der Waarden