Annelies Verbeke and Expanded Field Are Looking for Short Stories to Translate

May 22, 2018
December 18, 2018

Annelies Verbeke and Expanded Field Are Looking for Short Stories to Translate

Do you love short stories? Want to participate in a VU anthology of short stories? Send your favorite short story to the Writer in Residence (‘Free Writer’) of the VU!

Writer Annelies Verbeke launches a project in which – with your help! – she wants to find your favorite short stories, preferably the ones that don’t make it so easily to a Dutch translation.

In the US and the UK only 3 % of the book market consists of translations, in the Netherlands 40 %. But most of the translated books in Dutch are translated from English. This also means there are so many great writers (writing in other languages than English) of present and past that we never get to read. We are much more ‘steered’ than we maybe think.

This year’s theme on the VU is ‘Connected World’. The VU is the Netherlands’ university with the biggest national and cultural diversity amongst its students. On top of that, today’s society, in this country, and not the least in the city of Amsterdam, is super-diverse. This diversity should be represented in the books we read.

Expanded Field and Annelies Verbeke are putting together an anthology of your favorite short stories, in which as many as possible cultural backgrounds of students and staff of the VU are represented. So please send us your favorite piece of literature, written in your mother tongue. But also Dutch students without roots anywhere else can participate, off course. Maybe you discovered a great story that fits here?

You can send the story in any language you like. Together we will try to find out if and which translations already exist, and if we can attain rights for translating the story. Maybe some of you would like to try a literary translation themselves? Mention the title of the work in which you found the story, the name of the author, the year in which and publisher and country where it appeared. Accompany the story you send by a short motivation (the more personal, the better). If it is really a poem or a paragraph from a novel you want to highlight so dearly, then we will also certainly consider it, though we prefer short stories.

Send the story of your choice and your personal motivation for choosing it to this email address, and please shortly introduce yourself to Annelies Verbeke in your email:

The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2019.

Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact the e-mail address above.