There’s this loud grunt when he comes.
In different circumstances, it might bring
rescue vehicles, but for now it’s pleasure.
It just comes with a long,
near heart-stopping strain, that’s all.
It’s like when he suffered from that
clogged bowel or the barrage of
needles during gum surgery.
It’s not his fault that temple-tightening
times come to mind when he falls off his wife.
It’s all to do with the body.
Sex and functionality start off far apart,
run parallel during the twenties, thirties,
but by middle age, the gap narrows,
and at sixty, they squeeze together.
Prostate problems vie with erections
for his lower half’s attention.
Creaky knees compete with excited nerve ends.
So, as good as it feels, it’s also torture.
Panning for gold, his sluice is full of kidney stones.